with BBC Pro, how do I get the keyswitch notes to line up on my Nektar Impact LX 88+

I have BBC SO Pro and am using a Nektar Impact LX 88+ (88 key) MIDI keyboard controller. I expected that when I see the white playable notes (using Strings Violin) aligned with the same keys near the top of my Nektar physical keyboard MIDI controller then the keyswitch notes would start at the bottom C note on this same physical keyboard. Instead, I must set the Nektar to transpose down 2 octaves to get the keyswitch keys to align with the bottom range of the Nektar keyboard. That then puts the top of the white playable of keys beyond the Nektar's physical keyboard and the highest notes can't be played at all.

I understand that I can change the assignment of the keyswitches but should I have to do that? Who has a MIDI keyboard with more than 88 keys to work with?

The default assignments do not seem logical at all to me. What am I missing here?

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    Hi @rawl747

    The default assignments start from C-2 onwards as to not interfere with the playable range of bass octave instruments. If you want to avoid this, you should consider creating an expression map/ articulation set for your DAW to switch via the MIDI notes, or you can simply transpose all of the Keyswitches by holding down the Keyboard icon and dragging to the right.