Does LABS have a flute somewhere I've missed?

Dear Anyone.

All these lovely instruments for LABS and I only want a flute! Is there one around I've missed, I can't believe they've not thought of a flutefor LABS.

Yours flutily


Best Answer


  • The Tape Orchestra has some Overblown Woodwinds that are kinda flute-y, but it isn't a flute.

    But there is a lovely flute section in BBC Discover (or solo flutes in Core if you want legato and are not averse to spending some money)

  • I've got a soundfont flute that's great - honest! - if you drop me a line at [email protected] - nope, this is not spam or anything, just tryingto be nice!

    I wouldn't use it as a totally solo flute but with other instruments around it, reverb, bit of compression and EQ, it's really not bad at all. And it's LEGIT. free!

    Yours respectfully