Aperture Returns

This time, we wanted to break records.



  • I'm incredibly excited for this....but.....

    What are we supposed to do if we desperately want Aperture Strings and were late to the Spitfire bandwagon.

    I appreciate it being an exclusive release....but come on, there MUST be some way to still get it, no?



  • I do not understand this either. I have the second part, but not the strings.

    To the upcoming action I would expect to be able to choose the part. If the third part were percussions I have no interest.

  • It's back, and it's bigger than ever

    Stay tuned to our channels tomorrow for the big reveal - 5pm GMT / 9am PT​

  • mrzackzadek
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    I’ve reached out to Spitifre customer service, who has informed me that there isn’t and will never be another way to get Aperture Strings or Aperture Orchestra.

    That is really an insult to loyal customers who have invested deeply in the Spitfire ecosystem and came in after 2019.

    Please - somebody in Spitfire marketing who is reading this, I implore you to address this somehow. On other forums there are tons of upset loyal users talking about this. It’s very hard to get excited about Aperture part 3 being announced in a few hours, when there is NO MEANS to get the first two parts.

    Can somebody higher up at the company please address this?

  • Gigabang
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    Sorry, no offence, but that reads like a fairly entitled position to take.

    I'd love the opportunity to buy Albion II Loegria and have invested in other Spitfire products, but it's discontinued and I accept that I have missed the boat on that.

    In the same way, the previous Apertures have been discontinued. There is no need to harass management or CS because you came onto the Spitfire platform at a point where they are no longer available. There is no obligation on Spitfire Audio to make free, promotional products available to demanding customers. If there is any insult being caused here it's in the attitude of entitled 'customers' haranguing a company that go above and beyond to create products and give them away.

    Anyway, I for one am excited to hear Aperture The Stack!!

  • I’m not sure who needs to read this but I’m one of the customers who purchased Apurture Orchestra when it was out and honestly I’m disappointed in that buying decision. IIRC the Black Friday deal came with Orchestral Swarm also? So at the time the deal seemed really good to me and I pulled the trigger. However Apurture Orchestra and Swarm are the worst performing instruments on my computer hands down. Apurture always has weird quirks when I load it… missing pictures, missing instruments, takes forever to load! It never really “works”. Don’t even get me started with how much I don’t like Orchestral Swarm, it seriously takes 20 minutes to load in my daw making it practically useless. (I have tried resolving these issues with customer service fyi). I feel like Spitfire is really good at marketing and making you feel like your missing out on a product. But honestly I feel like I spent way too much money just to get fancy plug ins I never use. I just feel dooped a year later. I love Orchestral Foundation’s and BBC Pro and use those on every session and think those are actually worth your money, the others…? Not so much. Cheers and happy holidays fellow composers!

  • The demo of The Stack sounds excellent -- can't wait to see what's on sale this weekend to justify getting it

  • Historically Aperture has been free, if you spend above a given level, so I think you've confused yourself there.

    In no way associated with SA, but Orchestral Swarm is my absolute (not so secret) weapon. It's ram heavy, but for a reason. Big shame it sounds like your computer isn't up to running it as it sounds phenomenal and makes an appearance on practically everything I write.

  • I had my heart set on the aperture orchestral stuff… based on what I’ve seen it was exactly that ‘something’ I have been wanting. So I’ve waiting all year (missed last years offer by just days when I found out about it) and now… guitar amps. That’s just not my thing. And I cannot find any other ways to purchase the aperture version I want. Very frustrating.

  • Completely agree.

    Major KUDOS to Spitfire for making Aperture: The Stack available for purchase after this promotion ends...that makes sense! A promotional incentive, but no digital scarcity.

    Spitfire Marketing/Product Team - please...please...help show you listen to and care about your customers who have spend a lot of money investing in your products and ecosystem: is there a solution for your frustrated customers who want some path to getting a copy of Aperture Strings/Orchestra?

  • One of the awesome things about this years library besides the sounds is that its no longer in that crappy Kontakt player.

    The Spitfire GUI kicks butt over Kontakt - its accessibility friendly (poor eyesight? just enlarge!), looks and feels intuitive and is breaking free of the limitations that Kontakt has.

    Plus, the visual representation of using Expression/Dynamics/Vibrato when using a MIDI controller with faders is perfect. Kontakt is just WAY too small, so seeing this library in the Spitfire GUI is thumbs up from me.

    Nice work Spitfire! 5 stars.

  • I know people are heavily divided in the Spitfire player vs Kontakt camp. It's always amusing to see that play out. I think I fell in love with the LABS instrument as one of my first introductions into sample libraries and VSTs, and it became an intuitive UI that I love. I made the transition from real instruments to virtual instruments in early 2020 when it was clear that my "go out into the world" athletic activities were going to be canceled for the duration of the pandemic, and that journey started with LABS and some SFZ libraries followed by a boatload of Spitfire libraries as I started to dig deeper and want to do more with composing.

    I'm actually really happy that I was able to walk away with Aperture Orchestra last year, and really like its shorts patches the most. That said, there are a few oddities and quirks with it, but I seem to come back to it when I want something just a little bit different sounding.

    I think I have to give kudos to Spitfire for sticking to their promise of "never again be available". That said, I'd love to have Aperture Strings, but that ship sailed, and I missed it (sort of like a flight from Seattle to Toronto where I showed up too late to the airport in 2003). 😁

    I'm excited to try out APERTUR3 soon, too.

    I'd love if you checked out #MyStarGirlScore

  • Hi @mrzackzadek

    When we released Aperture Strings and Aperture Orchestra they did come with the caveat that they were only available if you spent specific amounts over those Black Weekends (2019 and 2020 respectively). Afterwards, the products were discontinued.

    We have passed on feedback from both years regarding the frustrations with the products being limited, however, to release these now would potentially cause more annoyance to those customers who originally bought the products in those time periods with said constraints.

    The Customer Experience team have passed this specific feedback to the Marketing and Product teams and who ultimately decide what is available for sale. I would also point out that Aperture - The Stack is on sale from 1st December and will not be discontinued, which I hope shows that previous feedback on legacy products has been listened to.

  • Luke_Rose_Music
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    I didn’t confuse myself, they had a package deal that was called ‘the box’ or something? It came with Orchestral Swarm, Harp, and BBC core I think. And I bought that. Sorry I didn’t clarify. Yes Apurture came free but I still had to spend over 350$ and ‘the box’ seemed like a great deal considering all instruments in the package were discounted heavily. But In the end they were not worth the return (for me) for the money I paid. I understand everyone’s situation is different and to me it didn’t work out. I only meant to share my experience. I’m glad OS works for you (jealous), one day it will for me when I upgrade my computer. I will end by saying that I’m jealous that this new Apurture instrument runs in the Spitfire Audio plug in and not kontact. Maybe if I waited longer I would’ve tried to obtain this one. Cheers.