LABS Textural Pads- Saudade- pitch weirdness

Right. I'm bewildered. I have a project going where I did a track using this sample set. I did have the track rendered as an audio track, but had a reason to re-render the MIDI track to audio.

When I did, I found that, somehow, the pitches had all gone wonky in a way that has my brain in a twist, what with the Saudade sound being a complex thing as it is. I can't even quite get my head around describing it... like pitches had been transposed or retuned somewhere and gone out of tune within what's happening within a sound as a note happens.

Between the work I had done earlier, with the original audio render, and this recent need to re render the sequence track to audio, I did do an update/reinstall of LABS libraries. But I don't understand how that would have induced this weirdness, unless, I don't know, something at the SA end happened to the samples involved.

Completely baffled, to the point where I can't seem to do anything except stick with the original rendered track as is and go with it, because I can't even, as I said, figure out what happened, exactly. Spent a load of time playing with the variation control in LABS wondering if I tweaked that after the render and that did something, transposing the MIDI track, playing with the tuning knob in the LABS plugin... all that did was confuse me more.


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    @John_Eagan have you checked your MIDI automation lane to check that the plugin pitch knob is not being affected? If not, I'd recommend reaching out to support with an audio file render and a copy of your DAW project at


  • That would certainly be a sensible first thing to check, but that's not what's happening in this case. The actual MIDI sequence track that brought it up is irrelevant in this. I did look at all that.

    One thing I did immediately after a quick check through for anything of that sort was to simply get away from that project entirely, load up the plugin by itself, load the Textural Pads set and the Saudade samples, and just play it from the keyboard. That included checking for stray data weirdness, e.g., pitch wheel centered, mod wheel off, no stray data other than MIDI note data, checking the tune knob in the plugin. Also, given the complexity in that sample set, checking the "variation" setting and such.

    In between the original sequence recording and rendering of that track to an audio track, and this oddity when I returned to it to re-render, I did the plugin and libraries update/repair, and then encountered this weirdness.

    The end summary is that it's like, somehow, the actual samples changed. It's pretty bizarre.

    If you refer to that actual Saudade sample, it's a complex sound with different layers of stuff happening, so there are multiple tones sounding coming in and out. When I listen to the original and the mysteriously mutated versions I already described, it's like the lowest "fundamental" tone is the same pitch, but the other tones that come in and out as you hold a note are different pitches, compared to the original track. As I said, at some stage I could only guess that somehow something weird was happening in the "variation" parameter, but playing with that exhaustively led to a conclusion that this wasn't it, either. But, again, with the complexity of the sound, and not knowing, at my end, whatr all is going into the final performance sound in terms of what individual samples are being called into play and layered together, I can't begin to sort out what's happening within all that, other than, again, concluding that somehow, at some point recently, the individual samples within the whole patch got mangled and mutated, and my recent update/repair/reinstall then put those into the works. But even that idea baffles me, as I look into the samples directory for Textural Pads and see all the files timestamped 2020.10.06 (which would seem to indicate that the recent update/repair activity didn't fetch some newer samples