Cubase/VEPRO/BBCSO Surround

I’ve gotten as far as creating a Cubase rack VEPRO surround instance that’s 5.1, and using new server instance to create a VEPRO 5.1 instance. The VEPRO instance shows groups of six channel outputs and these show up in Cubase.

However, I can only see stereo instances of BBCSO. And routing signal to other outputs in BBCSO doesn’t seem to do anything.

Can anyone walk me through this please?



  • Hey Eric,

    BBC signals exist in only stereo formats, it is how you distribute those returns in your DAW that matters.

    For example when working in surround my side in Pro Tools, I distribute the ambient signal into a different stereo return, then route these returns to a 5.1 bus.

    The routing to a 5.1 bus enables you to move the ST returns in a 5.1 configuration.

    I believe it is the same when handing the Cubase returns.

    I filmed a video a while back on the subject.



  • Thanks for your reply, Jack. The issue for me is really VEPRO. I’m not having any luck getting the additional stereo outputs of BBCSO to be audible. Both Cubase and VEPRO are set up for 5.1, but I can’t figure out where BBCSO st2 st3 etc are routed. I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with what I’m doing in VEPRO.

  • TomBasri
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  • Jack--

    I watched your video again and it DID solve my problem. Thanks so much!