Spitfire Libraries on 1 external SSD & 2 computers


I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro M1 max and I have a question about my current libraries.

I also have an external SSD where I store my Spitfire Libraries (Labs and SA recs and originals). I've been using them on my projects that I have on my old computer.

Now I want to use the same SSD on the new laptop so I can install the same libraries. I saw that it happens easily with Spitfire app and ''Repair'' function... The only problem is that I am wondering if I will mess up with my old laptop if I do that.

I have around 20 logic projects for a feature movie that I am just about to finish. They are all using the spitfire libraries... So I am wondering if I activate the libraries on the external SSD on the new laptop, will they still be recognised on my old machine?

Long story short, can I have 1 external SSD with the libraries and have them recognised on both computers? Or the paths to the libraries are only being saved for the latest machine (so one at a time) ?

Hopefully that makes sense to you hahaha I will be waiting for someone to clear up that for me before I do it...

Thank you so much!


  • Hi @Nedyalkov

    No, it is not currently possible to use a shared hard drive between two accounts with Spitfire Audio libraries. Particularly with smaller libraries like LABS, Originals, and SA, it is fine to store these on an internal drive. I would recommend moving these to an internal location on one of your devices, so that you have a dedicated space for each installation.

  • Nedyalkov
    edited November 2021

    Hello @Angus !

    Thank you for the reply. I will have a look at the video