Logic Pro X not supported Catalina?

Trying to use the Korg NanoKONTROL firmware ... and now Catalina looks like it's shut off for Logic Pro.

Waiting on hold now ...

What does Christian use on the Mac Pro 2019 tower ? Mojave?


  • Hi @HBC722

    Logic 10.7 (the current version) requires Mac OS Big Sur (Mac OS 11) in order to run. That is what the error message is warning of.

  • Thankfully Catalina still supports Logic Pro

    ... however, in App Store download under Account and then Purchased from previous purchase history.

    This should give the latest version of Logic Pro or Final Cut ALLOWED in the macOS Catalina, Mojave allowed etc.

    The wrong "Pro App Specialists", however, will waste your time/ give the wrong answers. Be warned.