๐Ÿ”” Albion ONE Update (v.1.8) ๐Ÿ””

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Albion ONE users will have an update available in their Spitfire Audio Application. The change log is as follows:

v1.8 (August 2021)
	FIXED: eDNA Patches - VU meter for bank B is placed over B
	FIXED: Fat Pluck MW - Ocean - Notes Dropping Out
	FIXED: Previews missing/Need Updating
	FIXED: Brass Low (8ves) andBrass High (8ves)missing from individual section
	FIXED: XXL percussion (Stereo) previews has voices on
	FIXED: CHX brunel presets Modwheel mapping causes volume issue
	FIXED: Albion ONE String Runs not loading into memory fully
	FIXED: Albion ONE - No Brass High Legato or Brass Low Legato patches
	FIXED: CHX Brunel and Stephenson presets only mapped to Tape Sat
	FIXED: All Combination - Wd/Brs/Str.low . Reversed Audio On Release Triggers
	FIXED: Wd/Brs/Str. Low has odd reversing samples
	FIXED: Woods High - Short Arranged. One of the Groups is Out of Tune. F3-C4
	FIXED: Strings. Longs. C0-D#0. Double note on sample
	FIXED: Albion One - Woods Low - Long: A4 and A#4 'double notes' in lower dynamic layers
	FIXED: Albion One - Woods Low - Short: Noise on G5 (RR1)
	FIXED: Albion ONE - Strings - Spiccato: Some notes have artifacts

A full change log with past fixes can be found in your Albion ONE Documents folder.


  • Fantastic! Thanks for this!

  • What about the "Copy the Albion ONE folder to your Documents folder" notice inside the library folder on my external SSD (I am running on MacOS Catalina) - what purpose does it serve and do I have to "assign" the folder somehow, after being copied?

  • No one has an answer to the "Copy" question?

  • @Five18Studios sorry missed @meisterlampe's original comment here. This is a legacy part of the product that can be deleted from the folder.

  • Today I finally went ahead and updated my copy of Albion ONE to the latest version. Unfortunately, something must have happened during the update, as none of the NKIs could be loaded up in Kontakt anymore afterwards. Fortunately, I had a backup of the previous version of the library, and therefore succeeded in restoring it without any need to re-download the whole thing.

    Has anybody else experienced this?

    @Angus , any idea as to why that happened? I cannot provide any logs or similar, sorry.

  • Hi @superkons

    When you say "none of the NKIs could be loaded up in Kontakt anymore", is there a missing sample error or does this refer to Kontakt Multi's not being able to load?

  • No, Kontakt showed an error dialogue box, stating there was an error whislt loading the .nki file. That happened about 10 times, after which I killed Kontakt and proceeded with copying the backup as mentioned

  • @superkons we've not had a report of this kind of nature with the update. Therefore, I'd guess there is a specific issue with your system (either corrupt .nki files, or an error with the install). If you'd like support to check it out, do get in touch at www.spitfireaudio.com/support

  • Cheers, Angus, I shall try again after the holidays, and if the issue occurs again, I will certainly contact Support