Albion IV UIST Revamp

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Ok I've been hoping Spitfire will give this most excellent and often overlooked library Albion IV UIST a makeover. Actually it's one of my favorite libraries but I think it falls off the radar and needs to be organized better as there's literally so much material! The way it's organized in Kontakt right now is hard to navigate.

There are so many great sounds to reach for but trying to menu dive for a particular phrase, sting, or texture through so much material is quite a mission so it becomes too much of an effort. Maybe they can give it a rebirth in the new Spitfire player or upgrade to a new and improved version in Kontakt.

I don't think they'll even need to add any new sounds or any more material (heaven forbid lol!) but just an easier search system or better layout would be great so we could get to the samples quicker with better labeling perhaps.

😀 Love you guys! Congrats on your new discussion board!


  • I’d be happy just to see it NKS so I could more easily browse and preview the presets.

  • Hi @MillsMixx, we're always more than happy to fix/ update any libraries that are currently available for purchase on our website. We can never guarantee whether feedback will be directly addressed, but I am happy to pass this onto the product team on your behalf.

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  • I asked about this library over on VI Control and the consensus was the patches were very disorganised.

    I don’t own a license yet but this is a reply I got when I was asking about it.

    “Uist sounds great, but it's such a mess organizationally that I rarely use it, because it's hard to find what you are looking for. It's a library I plan to resample almost entirely so I can reorganize it and make it more useful.”

  • I totally agree with this!! I love the library but think there are a few improvements to be made:

    organization of the files, certainly, adding a reverb control would be great, also addressing the releases, as they do not get affected by the release control in any significant way.

    also, if there is a way to control the tempo of these sounds, that would be amazing. I know there is a TM mode but I am unclear on what it does. I don’t hear a significant difference when it’s engaged or disengaged.

    having said that, I do love the library and all it offers!! It’s a HUGE treasure trove of aleatoric goodness.

  • My guess is that this library won't be updated bc it's very niche and one of the least purchased Albions, if not the least purchased. Personally, I think it would benefit from having an Evo Grid, as well as the things you've mentioned. Thank you for doing so.