Unable to get Originals - Intimate Strings to show up in Logic Pro

Anyone have any advice for inability to get Originals - Intimate Strings to load into Logic? I've tried resetting/repairing several times. I do have another library, Originals - Epic Strings, that loaded fine.


  • Hi @oliviayonk

    What version of Logic are you using? Have you also check the following location to see if the plugin is installed on your system?

    Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components

  • version 10.7.0

    I followed those instructions and did find the plugin for Intimate Strings installed on my system.

  • @oliviayonk if the plugin is present on your system but not in Logic, I would quit and restart Logic and open the Plugin Manager. From there, you should see Spitfire Audio Listed on the left hand side. Click the Spitfire Audio tab and then locate the plugin that is not scanning into Logic. Select the tick box and then "Reset and Rescan Selection"