Why does installing libraries in the same directory cause an error?

(Win 10, DAW: LMMS)

When I go to the Spitfire app, and install a plugin in the same directory (folder) by some process, the files are over written or some other thing, leading to error #4 when I try to use the library/plugin.

Any way to help this issue?

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    Hi @AtlasJericho

    First, I would check you have selected the correct Default Content Path in the Spitfire App - Settings Tab.

    If you hold your LABS folder within another folder, say "Spitfire Audio Libraries" then the SA Libraries folder should be the folder that is set as the default path- not the LABS folder.

    If you have set the LABS folder as the install directory, the App will install a new version of the library within this folder instead of the correct layout.