weird behaviour of new Labs Electric Guitar

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Can anyone explain how Labs Electric Guitar works? Some keys don't give any sound, other keys show up as totally different keys on the virtual keyboard. Some keys give identical sounds. This instrument is unplayable as is.


  • I'm having problems, too. The Indie - Rhythms patch won't hold full volume consistently. As I play, it eventually goes from full volume to almost nothing making it unusable. The other patches don't seem to have this problem.

  • I can get no sound at all.........................

  • @bartveld That is certainly news to me, as I tested the product! Are you perhaps referring to the Looped Rhythm patches? These are set to specific chords rather than notes.

    @analogjeff I've responded to your support ticket with the same report, it would be good to get a video/ audio demonstration as I was not able to replicate this.

    @link I believe (from another post you made) this has happened because the download has failed. I've followed up there.

  • Well, the weirdest thing: I get ready to record an example of my complaint. I use an old test file, which has several instruments and midi tracks set to go. I check if Labs is still malfunctioning. It is. Then I delete all already recorded midi tracks to make a clean recording. And of course, everything is sounding just as it should. So there's nothing wrong with Labs, it's something in the file I used. I haven't figured out what, though.

    Thanks @angus for making me go beyond first impressions.

  • Hi @bartveld

    I would check your MIDI Automation, it might be that you have rogue automation affecting the pitch or ADSR of the instrument- which will affect the sound.

  • Have a similar question concerning the playback speed of the sample used for indie rythmic guitar. Sharp/flat notes have a different sample speed than the natural notes.