Epic Brass tuning & interface bug (M1 beta)

Hi - I'm using the M1 beta of Epic Brass + Woodwinds (v1.0.5) in Logic (10.7.0), and find the brass can sound quite out of tune. I find it most noticeable when playing G#3 in the "Brass: Long" preset, during the release when 'dynamics' is over 50% or so. I'm new to Originals, so not sure if this is an issue with the beta?

Also - pretty sure this one *is* a bug :-) - I found that the plugin's interface would display correctly once, but afterwards would show the wrong set of parameters for the main knob and the dials on the bottom-right. Reverb, release and tightness would be replaced with four smaller dials for ADSR and a fifth for pedal in the bottom-right. 'Speed', 'variation' and 'vibrato' would be added to the main knob. Any changes (even to parameters shared with the documented interface) seem to have no effect. To replicate, I just have to open the plug-in window once, close it, and re-open it. Restarting Logic gets me back to the correct interface. Appreciate it's beta; just for information really.


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    Hi @aldous I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing an issue with the Epic Brass and Woodwinds beta! I've created a support request to gather further information that will be helpful in fixing this specific issue.