Are BBCSO Pro Community Demos still available to download?

On BBCSO The Page site, there are links to download BBCSO Launch Music and Chimera. The downloads for each of these pieces are no longer available to download.

Please could you make them available again?

It's a shame that the promise of "exciting new material" hasn't kept going beyond what appears to be about a year ago. Are there plans to add more content to the site?

Regards Mark

Best Answer


  • I've just seen the post in the General chat about making more use of this forum in preference to maintaining The Page site. That's understandable with so many products.

    It would still be nice to have the downloads though :)


  • @Angus thank you. That's really useful as I learn to get the most out of BBCSO. The only problem ... I think I want to buy Eric Whitacre Choir too now!!