Issue with Internal vs External SSD

Hi - I have one internal SSD and one external SSD. I have various Spitfire Audio libraries on each, primarily, because one drive is new and some samples have issues streaming on the new drive. I tried a test by installing, loading and running the Orchestra Long from ARO from the two drives.

(D:) Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA NTFS

(I:) Samsung Portable SSD 1TB USB NVMe NTFS (New drive)

The Orchestra Long samples load very fast from both drives. However, when testing the (I:) drive, most played long notes choke and stutter. The (D:) test does not exhibit any of that behavior and all samples play perfectly. 

The Spitfire Audio libraries are not the only ones that have this issues. Other company libraries show the same. 

I did not change any sound card settings for either test and they remain:

ASIO - Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO 512 Samples @44,100Hz

I do not know what to look for next.




  • Hi,

    I experienced similar issues with two different external SSDs. Turns out that the SSDs were putting themselves in some kind of sleep state and when I was playing a note only that part of the sample that was already loaded into the RAM (preload buffer) would play. I couldn't deactivate this with any OS settings.

    You might want to check something like CrystalDiskInfo to see if your external NVMe does things like this (take a look at the PowerOnCount or something similar).

  • It could possibly be the fact that your new SSD is nVMe.

    I’ve heard that sample library streaming actually can suffer due to the high speed of an nVMe SSD.

    SATA is the better choice for sample library storage.

    Your Samsung 860 is the ideal choice for this purpose.

    I only use SATA SSD’s (2x 4TB, 2x 2TB) for sample library storage and use 2x 1TB nVMe SSD’s in RAID-1 (mirror) for my OS.

    The RAID-1 provides redundancy while also boosting read performance as you can read from 2 drives at the same time. You do loose 50% of your raw capacity as one drive is a copy of the other.

  • Hi @pbourke

    It's not possible to run Abbey Road One from two drives. You would be running from one of the drives, which will be causing the issue. You can check which drive is running the library by opening the Spitfire.Properties file (C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Spitfire Audio/Settings/)

    Once you have found out which drive is running the library, I would check to see if the cable is USB3/ USBC, and whether this is plugged into a USB3 or USB2 port to your PC. If plugged into USB2 or an unpowered USB Hub, this could be where the fault is.