experience with 9173 error caused by stratus in Pro Tools ?

Since I bought some spitfire products:

Originals and especially stratus the error 9173 CPU overload appears.

Imac Pro 2017 /Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6/ 32 GB/ latest PT Version/

I start a Session ... Programm MIDI Notes with Kontakt Instruments etc....

While Session is open ... no Problem

I close Session and try to reopen it: takes hours and if I want to push play

9173 ERROR

What did I do:

updated Pro Tools (problem still there)

before update all PT Sessions where effected ( could not open them)

Only way to get rid of it was to erase the folder with the Project consisting Stratus.

Earsing Stratus from PT Session doesn't change anything.

HELP Please somebody