Composition Decision - BBC Symphony Orchestra Core Edition

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this community and it's very nice to see all the creativity here!! I wanted to share one of my compositions that used the BBC Symphony Orchestra Core Edition, Albion Neo and the VST Instrument Noire by Native Instruments. The orchestra gets more involved around 1.15 ;-)


  • Welcome, Juliano!

    What a nice self-introduction this is. It's got a great deal of innocence in it, simplistic and full of a kind of fresh passion. When a piano is so pivotal, it immediately makes one recognize similarities here and there, it's just how it is, but it remains enjoyable for what it is anyway.

    I'm assuming you are just starting out to involve something as big as a symphonic orchestra, is that right? The way you are using the strings is more akin to how one plays a Melotron rather than the attempt to virtually portrait a real orchestra. With a light shrug I'd be asking myself why that could be a problem, but there's an answer to it, too:

    Music, no matter whether on stage, recorded or completely virtual, is always a performance. And a performance hinges on the confidence of its performers. As audience we surrender ourselves to them and adopt their strength and their weaknesses alike. If a performer appears to try to be something they are not, we feel that weakness, it puts us into an awkward sensation. That's why it's actually most important to have any performer be as much that which they portrait as it is possible. For example, if the strings would totally sound like a Melotron, we would never react weird to it, because most of us are accustomed to it already and would recognize it as such. But because they also sound like wonderful strings, just played weird for what they are...well... their strength becomes their weakness.

    What to do: Study legato strings in real orchestras to work your way into simulating them believably. Avoid octave ensembles and rather play the highs and lows independently, which will help overcome more of the weaknesses. If they are used as background in a larger ensemble, they are less of a problem, but as stand-alone lead... difficult.

    I'll leave it at that for now, but I can tell you, you have a beautiful musical soul and it's all just a matter of making more and more and more and remain open to suggestions, study songs that are similar to the kind of arrangement you want, if only to explore their qualities, details. Just continue your journey and trust in your passion.

    I hope, that's okay as feedback. And thank you for sharing this already! 👍️

  • Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm still working to put more reality in the string section, especially in the legato section and I'm working on my orchestration and string arrangements. So your feedback is welcome!! I really appreciate that!!

    Greetings Juliano!!