Repair Failed - You don't have any resets remaining for this library

Hi there. I had a hard drive failure recently and had to move and re-install my libraries. I'm having issues getting BT Phobos working again. Relocate doesn't make any difference, Repair gets the message above and there's a big red button with an exclamation mark in under Phobos. Assistance appreciated.


  • Jim McGhee
    edited October 25

    I contacted support for the "You don't have any resets remaining for this library" message, they reset the count. I still have issues with borken libraries, but I can attempt to fix them now. There's only a certain amount you can reset.

  • I have the exact same issue with BBCSO. I am evidently out of resets. I don't understand. If I've paid for something (in this case BBCSO Professional) why is there even a limit on the number of "resets" allowed? If the Spitfire Audio App keeps losing the links between itself and the BBCSO sample libraries why is that my fault?

  • Hi @Greening

    If you have run out of resets, please reach out to support directly at

    You are allowed two installations of each library on your account, as this is the maximum amount of installations you can make. The team are happy to reset this for you if necessary. We absolutely understand the frustration here and are currently developing a new App which will place the authorisations in the user's hands.