Need help from someone to learn orchestral arrangement using my own tools

Dear all,

Music is one of my hobbies and while I have a variety of tools (Ableton live, real synthesizers, and digital instrument samples), I don't have the skill or experience to convert the ideas in my head into reality. These ideas could be remixes of my favorite songs or original melodies I've created over the years.

Currently my biggest challenge is with orchestral music: I would like to be able to create orchestral music (so that I may eventually fuse it with electronic music to create my own remixes), but I cannot easily make out what individual instruments and articulations are being played when listening to a piece. So, it's hard for me to recreate the music so I can then change it however I wish.

Similarly, I can come up with sounds of what I want to hear in my head, but because I don't know what instrument actually makes that sound, I cannot easily create it. And the longer it takes me to try to tinker and figure out what it is by playing back all the various instruments and samples I have, I forget the idea I had in the first place!

I need some help, and I think the best way to start would be if I can find someone who can teach me how to re-create the first 60 seconds of Thomas Newman's Breadcrumbs (from James Bond Spectre) using tools I already own (or similar ones that I can acquire).

Does anyone have suggestions on where or who I could reach out to for something like this?

Examples of products I already own:

+Ableton Live

+Spitfire Symphonic Strings

+Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds

+Spitfire Symphonic Brass

+Spitfire Masse

+Spitfire Albion One

+ Kontakt Factory Library

Those seem the most relevant, but I have other libraries and am happy to acquire a proper percussion sample library if needed (e.g. Spitfire Percussion), or use any LABS libraries, etc.

I've come to the realization that I would like to be taught rather than purely spend time tinkering, so any tips/advice is much appreciated!


  • Hi @Coolarj10 I recommend checking out the video content that's available on the Spitfire Audio Academy page. Spitfire Audio Academy contains resources for learning more about orchestration and conventional workflows specifically when using virtual instruments.