Why is Felts Piano panned weird?

When recording in midi info, with uniform velocity in Logic Pro X, the sound seems to be panned towards the left. If I mono the audio/track it loses so much stereo width...and panning towards the right doesn't balance it enough....

Any solutions? Also I've no idea how many songs I've used Felt Piano in, but since nothings been released yet, the rough masters were never checked for previous issues.

I noticed this a while a go, but got irked today.

Thanks :)

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  • Charlie@Spitfire
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @CeresChaos7 - If this appears to only affect particular notes (lower register), please note this particular panning is the natural stereo panning of the library as recorded. It should be possible to cancel out the panning somewhat in Logic Pro X by using Logic's Direction Mixer, and setting the Spread to 0. 

    If you continue to have issues, please do create a support ticket at www.spitfireaudio.com/support with an example of the issue and one of our technicians will be in touch.