Matching sample instruments to live multitrack orchestral recording in Logic

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a good workflow for something like this:

I have a live multitrack orchestral recording of my music (not to a click) and I'd like to double all the live instruments with instruments from spitfire libraries.

I use Logic and I've used smart tempo to do a tempo map but it's usually off by quite a bit.

Is there a way to have the sample instruments match the transients of the live instruments automatically?

Thanks in advance,



  • Have you looked at creating groove templates from your audio regions? Link below shows how to create a template from the transients in a recording (depending on how easily flex can spot them, at least.) You can then quantise your MIDI regions towards that template. If you can tweak your smart tempo map so it's correct down to each couple of bars, then a groove template to match the pattern inside those bars should get you the rest of the way there. (You might also need to add some negative delay to your software instruments to compensate for attack time.)