Offsetting the sample start point in Kontakt

Hi folks, is there a simple way to change the sample start point for a particular LCO Strings articulation? I've been Googling this but the solutions I've found don't seem to be working for me.

I've opened the individual articulation, gone into edit mode, selected Edit All Groups, changed the start point of the sample, but still no joy. I'm thinking there must be a solution for this within Kontakt without the need to resample the audio files.

What exactly I want to do is this... It's the LCO strings "Celli - Granular to Ord" patch, which has a gritty/scratchy start to the sound, and then transitions into normal sustained bowing. What I'd like to do is to reduce the duration of the gritty/scratchy part so it get's to the open sustained section of the sample sooner. This would be pretty quick within EXS24/Sampler, but I'm struggling with it in Kontakt.

Any tips in how to achieve this would be much appreciated.

Best Answer

  • Thank you for your question - it looks like you created a support ticket for this query also, which was addressed and resolved. All the best!