Studio Orchestra Professional and Art Conductor 7.5

Hello guys

Now I am using Nuendo and Art Conductor 7.5 as my expression map,I found I can't change the articulation by using the template in Art Conductor 7.5

And strange things happened after I use the template in Art Conductor 7.5:I can't even

change articulation by click those articulation icons,normally it will change to what I choose but now it only shows ‘legato and 1 other articulation’,I can't turn off legato anymore and it's always layering!

Can someone tell me what is going on? thanks a lot!

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    Hi @gearlessjojo

    This sounds like it might be an error with the Expression Map, so worth contacting Art Conductor directly.


  • Thanks, I think I figured the switch problem out but seems the “long” articulation is always on when I am playing no matter which other articulation I chose It will be layed up, can I deactivate this articulation? like when I click Staccato I only want to play "Staccato", not “Staccato and 1 other articulation”?

  • @gearlessjojo This is most likely because the Articulation Set is selecting multiple articulations, or there is a programming issue with the set, rather than a bug with the library.